Song-Off Jr. – Happy New Year!

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Welcome to 2009!  I know this matchup isn’t entirely appropriate, seeing as we’re not hitting a new century, or even a new decade, but the editors would probably spank me if I left something in the queue for 91 years (they seem to use just about anything as an excuse to slap me around).  So here you are, the battle of Boys Who Represent Particular Centuries.  We here at Popdose are well aware of the perils of knowing in advance that you’ve got a full three days to recover from your hangover, so we sincerely hope that you had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve celebration, and that you’re not suffering too much today.

T Rex – “20th Century Boy”

Bad Religion – “21st Century (Digital Boy)”





Last year, Shane MacGowan and the Pogues paraded in style, as their masterpiece “The Old Main Drag” knocked off Colin Meloy and the Decemberists by a score of 60% to 40%. Next week, we’ll be addressing the ongoing saga of (technically still) Governor Rod Blagojevich by taking on the subject of Wrongful Accusations.