Songs for the Dumped: The Contest!

Written by Books, Monthly Features

All right, you’ve listened to us share the sordid details of some of our lowest “romantic” moments — now it’s your turn. But unlike us, you actually stand to win something for your pain.

Thanks to our friends at Total Assault, we’re proud to announce we’re giving away a copy of Things I’ve Learned from Women Who’ve Dumped Me, the new book edited by former Onion editor and Daily Show/Colbert Report producer Ben Karlin.

(Never heard of it? Take a look at my review of the book here.)

So here’s the deal: All day long, we’re opening up the comments here for your tales of woe, heartbreak, and heartwoe; at the close of business on Valentine’s Day, we’ll be convening in a grand Popdose jury and awarding a free book to the person with the best one. (All of our stories involved music — that isn’t a requirement for you, but it will earn you a few extra points.)

Ready? Let us have it!