Stream Now: Jackie Venson, “The Love I Give”

Written by Download Now, Music

Say hello to a major new talent.

Jackie Venson has taken an admirably patient approach to developing her career, publicly woodshedding via a YouTube series and releasing EPs instead of trying to break out of the gate with a full-length release right away. That patience has paid off, as evidenced by “The Love I Give,” the deliciously smoky leadoff single from her upcoming album The Light in Me.

I have no idea how Venson has escaped widespread attention for this long, but if you’re the type of person who derives satisfaction from being able to say “I heard it first,” let everyone else’s loss be your gain, and jump on her bandwagon now. With songs this solid, production that knows enough to stand back and let the music breathe, and an effervescent joy that beams through every note she sings, Jackie Venson’s bound to turn a bunch of heads once The Light in Me makes impact.