Stream Now: Miniature Tigers, “Oblivious”

Written by Download Now, Music

Who needs youth and riches when you’ve got a catchy chorus and some synths?

It sucks getting older and realizing you’re probably never going to have that big house and fancy car you dreamed about as a possession-obsessed tween, but when you have a great relationship and a few synths to soothe the pain, anything is possible. Just ask Miniature Tigers, whose new single “Oblivious” offers additional proof that you can effectively smother ennui under a catchy chorus and some cascading keyboard lines (the more, the better). It doesn’t hurt if you can throw in some drums that sound like 1987 while you’re at it.

Stream “Oblivious” below, and clear the next half hour or so from your schedule before you hit play — you’re probably going to send this song back to the beginning a few times before you’re through.