Stream Now: The Peach Kings, “Hold On”

Written by Download Now, Music

L.A.’s Peach Kings bring the mojo thunder with their latest single.

When a band describes itself as being influenced by “everyone from Nancy Sinatra and Roy Orbison to Led Zeppelin and the Cramps,” a certain amount of skepticism is probably healthy — but damn if the Peach Kings don’t walk the walk with “Hold On,” the first single from their upcoming EP Mojo Thunder.

Balancing Paige McClain Wood’s sultry vocals against a slinky, menacing groove and dashes of moody keys with fine filigrees of guitar, “Hold On” is anchored with classic rock attitude, but the strutting drums and fuzztone riff don’t sound self-consciously retro; the whole thing is, as the band’s press release promises, “dark yet playful.”

Mojo Thunder is due out June 3rd. Find out more about the Peach Kings here.