Suburban Metal Dad webcomic, no. 106: “The Metal Show”

Written by Suburban Metal Dad, Webcomics

Two men stand at a watercooler. One says, "Did you watch That Metal Show this weekend? Dave Mustaine was on." Metal Dad says, "No. If I was into watching a bunch of dudes blow guys with long hair, I’d have a totally different porn collection."

Welcome to Suburban Metal Dad, Popdose’s new webcomic that runs every Friday and Monday.

Suburban Metal Dad no. 106, “The Metal Show.” By D.X. Ferris. Click here to learn more about the author and the strip.

Each edition of SMD features Sort-Of Soundtrack, an optional, random metal song that plays in a new window. Click HERE to listen to some hard-rockin’ hotness.

Next week, for a limited time only, Suburban Metal Dad goes daily, with its annual holiday extravaganza. Stay tuned.

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