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EhOR: Welcome to the Great White North

There’s a lot to love about our neighbors to the north: Wayne Gretzky, SCTV, Michael J. Fox. Even though it’s only got a tenth of the population of the U.S., Canada has contributed much to American pop culture both good and bad, but one of its major contributions has come in the form of AOR: Album-oriented radio. As discerning Popdose readers no doubt already know, AOR was an FM radio format that took hold in the 1970s focusing on album rock. In its heyday in the ’70s and ’80s, AOR allowed DJs to dig deeper into albums to highlight songs that weren’t necessarily considered single-worthy. Eventually, the format became a lot more tightly controlled and there was much less freedom to play so-called deep tracks. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, AOR started to fade as other formats emerged: modern (or alternative) rock, adult alternative and active rock, which focused on harder-edged music. The AOR sound was born from progressive rock, the freeform format that came out of the 1960s in which a DJ …


MOVIE REVIEW: “Northern Soul”

Northern Soul is a 2014 British film directed by Elaine Constantine.  Set in 1974, it’s about two Lancashire teens, Matt and John, whose lives become intertwined are changed forever by their mutual love of obscure American soul music and the dance scene (near cult) of the time, which became known as “Northern Soul” (since most of the the clubs that craved this music were in the north of England).  While the movie tends to use some predictable (not bad, just predictable) plot lines, the real star of this movie is the magnificent sounds heard within. Simple tale:  listless school boy Matt meets up with John, who is an avid Northern Soul fanatic.  Taking his cues from John, Matt begins to not only obsess over Northern Soul but immerses himself so deeply and embraces every element, that he formulates a plan to become a D.J. along with John.  Various ups and downs occur, but the focus on the music – the replicated style of dancing along with fashions – makes this thoroughly enjoyable. About the music …