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Film, Popdose Flashback

Popdose Flashback: John Hurt and His Dystopian Filmography

Legendary character actor John Hurt passed away in January 2017. Coincidentally, January 2017 also saw a spike in the sales of many classic...

Books, Comics and Graphic Novels

Comic Retribution: A Man Called Super Cool

Can you handle the far out green?...

Music, Popdose Roundtable

Off on the Wrong Foot: the Art of Album Sequencing

A rollicking Popdose Roundtable that explains why you've been listening to Rumours in the wrong order, among other things....


Death by Power Ballad, Music

Death by Power Ballad: Slade, “My Oh My”

Rob Smith enjoyz the swingin', pullin', and lovin' (a whole lotta it) in Slade's great powur ballud "My Oh My," in this week's "Death by...


Caught on Tape, Music

Caught on Tape: Joan Jett, 1984

For his latest Caught on Tape, Rob Hoffman reaches into the vaults for his 1984 interview with Joan Jett....


Caught on Tape, Music

Caught on Tape: Red Hot Chili Peppers Interview Each Other, 12/6/1984

The Caught on Tape series continues with new author Rob Hoffman this week, as he reminisces about some backstage shenanigans with the young...