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Nobody’s Favorite Record Reviews #2: Neil Young’s “Landing on Water”

Almost everyone loves Neil Young. And Mr. Young has given us many, many excellent records which a lot of people love very much. However,...

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Suburban Metal Dad #587, “Flashback: 1986 Kegger”

Welcome back to Suburban Metal Dad, Popdose’s resident webcomic. Read a new one every Monday and Friday. METAL DAD: THE BOOK IS...

The Soul Is in the Bowl - Smokey Robinson

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Chart Attack!, Episode 1

The first edition of the new Chart Attack! podcast kicks off with the Top 10 singles from the week ending February 15, 1986....

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Jheri Curl Fridays 23: “Rumors”

Stop spreading rumors for a second and check out the latest Jheri Curl Fridays column!...


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Random Play: The Smiths, “The Queen Is Dead”

Bigmouth strikes again: Robin Monica meets you at the cemetry gates to observe the 25th anniversary of the seminal British album....