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Dw. Dunphy On… How Soap Operas Adapted, Assimilated, and Succeeded

All My Children begat How I Met Your Mother....


The Viewfinder: Old Navy’s Fabulous Commercials Starring Jordan Knight, Boyz II Men, And The 90210 Cast

These are not technically music videos, which is what you’d generally see in our Viewfinder posts, but they’re so good,...


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How Bad Can It Be?: “90210: The Soundtrack”

As anyone must be who follows pop entertainment, I’m a keen observer of trend cycles. Culture is a marketplace, and there are all kinds...

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The Three Strike Rule: “90210” and “Skins”

If you’re like me, you checked out the CW’s reboot of 90210 for nostalgia’s sake. I mean — Jennie Garth, come on!...