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The Popdose Interview: Thomas Walsh from Pugwash

Classic pop raconteur and all around nice guy is joined by Jason Falkner for the latest edition....

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The #1 Albums: “Led Zeppelin II”

In 2003, Eric Boehlert (now at Media Matters) wrote an essay for Salon called “The Greatest Week in Rock History” in which he...

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The #1 Albums: “Abbey Road”

Certain albums in this series present a particular challenge, as we’ve noted before: What can one say that’s fresh about some...

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World’s Worst Songs: “Octopus’s Garden” and “I Want You” by the Beatles

When I'm playing Abbey Road, I almost always pass them by....


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah #03: The “Think for Yourself” Session

Do what you want to do — just get the f#%&ing note right....


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah #02: “Recording the Beatles”

"Recording the Beatles": no Fabs library is complete without it....


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Desert Island Discs with Little Shalimar

On the heels of the release of a brand new EP, Little Shalimar stops by and gives Popdose his choices for five Desert Island Discs....


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Desert Island Discs with Caleb Heineman

Dave Steed introduces you (again) to Caleb Heineman who discusses the five discs he'd take with him on a deserted island. ...


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Soul Serenade: Ike & Tina Turner, “Come Together”

In case you missed the sly double entendre in John Lennon's lyrics for "Come Together," Ike & Tina Turner released their own version to...


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Video Game Review: “The Beatles: Rock Band”

We can't very well have a Beatles Week without discussing The Beatles: Rock Band -- and that's where Rich DeWester comes in with his...


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CD Reviews: The Beatles Remasters

9/9/09 is finally here, and to celebrate the occasion, the Popdose staff has, ahem, come together to give you their personal perspectives...