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Popdose Roundtable: Ben Affleck as Batman?

Following yesterday’s surprise casting announcement of Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming Superman/Batman film, it took all of three seconds for a great tidal wave of fan rage to wash over the internet like few other things can. We here at Popdose, however, like to think as ourselves as being a little more detached and analytic than that. We’ll leave it to you to judge whether or not we’re full of shit. David Medsker – Between this and his casting in Gone Girl, I’m starting to think that Ben has photographs of powerful people in compromising positions. Thierry Côté – I’ll just re-hash my Twitter reaction: “Ben Affleck is a bad man? What?” Dw. Dunphy – I didn’t buy him as Daredevil. Why would I buy him as Batman? Scott Malchus – Sucks to be Henry Cavill. Usually the hero gets overshadowed by the villain in these pictures. I think Affleck has become such a smart filmmaker/businessman that part of me thinks there is some agreement with WB that they’ll bankroll some big budget dream project he …