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Dizzy Heights, Music

Dizzy Heights #49: Hot Dog, Jumping Frog, Albuquerque — Royals, Volume I

I thought there would be tons of songs about princesses. I had maybe four....

Dizzy Heights, Music

Dizzy Heights #39: The Devil Take Your Stereo — “(This) and (That)” Songs, Vol. I

I am not afraid to admit that the themed shows are better because my friends' song suggestions are better than mine. ...

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DVD Review: “Adam Ant: The Blueblack Hussar”

What can one say about someone who was as entertaining and enjoyable as Adam Ant; when he and the (second version) Ants came upon these...

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Popdose Q&A: David Barbarossa

David Barbarossa is, undoubtedly, a man of many skins.  He was part of the early punk scene as drummer in the original line-up of Adam...

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BOOK REVIEW: “Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists & Songs That Defined The 1980’s” by Lori Majewski & Jonathan Bernstein

  This book is a proverbial “Top Of The Pops” greatest hits – most of which can be looked upon with a warm nostalgic...

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Popdose Video Premieres: Loveland Duren, “Birthmarks”; Cauldronated, “Ibossa”

It’s not often that I enjoy music videos – but when I do, I feel it necessary to help give them exposure.  And it would be...

Book Reviews, Books, Music, Popdose

BOOK REVIEW: “Mud Sharks”, Dave Barbarossa

Mud Sharks is the first novel written by former Adam & The (original) Ants and Bow Wow Wow drummer Dave Barbarossa and it is a...


Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s, Part 1

He led you through the Top 40, and now Dave Steed begins a new journey — through the ass end of the '80s rock charts....


Lost in the '80s, Music

Lost in the ’80s: The Top 15 New-Wave Songs — Ever!

This week John C. Hughes has prepared a special edition of Lost in the '80s for all you zombies. Are you ready for the top 15 new-wave...


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The Friday Mixtape: 7/31/09

We, at the site, really do strive to bring the coolest stuff possible to the readers and I think you’d agree our commitment pays off....


Lost in the '80s, Music

Lost in the ’80s: Wide Boy Awake

Here’s an example of a great song that couldn’t be confined to a B-side. Wide Boy Awake was Adam & the Ants bassist Kevin...