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Real-Life Puppet Pat Campo’s Pop Passion – And Where It Came From

Lots of musicians claim the title of “artist,” but few really walk the walk. Pat Campo, pop/rock artist from Los Angeles, lives...


Tomás Doncker Holds Mirror Up to World’s Face, Answers 5 Burning Questions for Popdose

Though he doesn’t wear a cape, Tomás Doncker is still something of a crusader. His latest album, The Mess We Made, was inspired by...

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ALBUM REVIEW: Gideon King & City Blog, ‘City Blog’

Though Gideon King’s band sounds more like a digital music publication than a collaborative group of musicians, “City...

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ALBUM REVIEW: Mark Kraus, ‘The Story of Everything’

Okay, honesty time. I love music probably more than anything else in the entire world, and it’s no secret that my tunage of choice is...

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Off on the Wrong Foot: the Art of Album Sequencing

A rollicking Popdose Roundtable that explains why you've been listening to Rumours in the wrong order, among other things....


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Mojo’s Cold Shot: Paul Reddick

The kids are back in school, and Mojo Flucke is taking advantage of the peace and quiet the right way -- by blasting some blues harp with a...


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Letter from the Editor: Tuning Out the Static

I miss buying an album and lying on the floor for three days and going over it with a magnifying glass. I still go to the record store and...