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10 Movies…That Are Insane Adaptations of Famous Books (To Prepare You For the New ‘Great Gatsby’)

I haven’t seen The Great Gatsby yet, but I can tell already that it just doesn’t add up. The production seems to have missed the point—it’s not about the glitz and glamor and pop songs—it’s about the death of dreams and the danger of being a complete and total sellout, ironically enough. Here are 10 other literary adaptations that were kind of out of control. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (2007) When you adapt a children’s fantasy novel about goin’ off to kill God, you kind of have to tone that down for the multiplex audiences, and put a lot of polar bears on the promo materials. The Great Gatsby (1974) It’s happened before! Gatsby (Robert Redford) is a leering douchebag who is still in love with Daisy, and we can’t understand why, because Mia Farrow plays her as a hysteric gasbag. And while Luhrmann’s adaptation seems to favor color and sparkles, this movie is just a sea of white and a celebration of nostalgia—ironic for a book known for its color symbolism and …

Blu-ray Reviews: “Caddyshack,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and More

Proving Blu-ray isn’t just for videophiles, Caddyshack makes the hi-def leap this week — a low-budget comedy made by an inexperienced director, and a movie that looked like shit 30 years ago and still looks that way today. So why give it a 1080p transfer? Well, to make money, of course. And also because Caddyshack is awesome. One of about a million “snobs versus slobs” comedies from the decade, Caddyshack took a diverse starring lineup and made the most of it, blending the old guard (Ted Knight’s stuffy bluster; Rodney Dangerfield’s dinner-theater shtick) with the new (Bill Murray’s mumbled improv; Chevy Chase’s arrogant buffoonery) to create something altogether smarter and funnier than any film co-starring a gopher puppet had any right to be. Stuffed with classic bits and quotable lines, it proved Harold Ramis’ success with Animal House and Meatballs wasn’t a fluke, and provided a launchpad for his (intermittently) successful directorial career in the bargain. It’s unapologetically lowbrow, and it’s brilliant. Part of Caddyshack‘s brilliance is just how labored over the gags were; Ramis …

No Concessions: Wonderlands–Tim Burton’s, Matt Damon’s, and “A Prophet’s”

The Wizard of Oz has influenced every movie made since it opened in 1939, or so I’ve read. Off the top of my head I’m not so sure: On the Waterfront? There’s Something About Mary? Alice in Wonderland, though, has surely left its imprint on everything in sight, from The Matrix to every cop and spy movie where a character says “we’re going through the looking glass on this one,” not to mention every film with the name Alice in the title (like Woody Allen’s) or even a character named Alice, like Resident Evil. With this lineage to take advantage of you’d think Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland might amount to something special, but all it comes down to is…Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. That’s not as appalling as Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes (the filmmaker has no flair for science fiction) yet it’s nothing special, certainly not as unexpected as, say, the excellent blur of fact and fantasy that is the Dennis Potter-written Dreamchild (1985). It’s a by-the-numbers Disney blockbuster, lacking the eccentric …

Trailer Trash: “Alice in Wonderland”

Who needs to watch the damn movies? Not you, that’s for sure — now that Dave Matos and Mikey Newman are here with Trailer Trash, the only show on the Web that reviews the week’s current releases simply by watching the trailers. This week, it’s Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland!