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Lost Together with Matt Wardlaw, Podcast

Lost Together with Matt Wardlaw, Episode 14: John Waite

Singer/songwriter John Waite joins us to talk about his upcoming acoustic tour and a few nuggets from his colorful career....

Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’90s, Vol. 46

Lenny Kravitz spends most of his time as a Bottom Feeder and Kristine W. crosses over the dance charts this week. ...


CD Reviews, Music

CD Review: Robert Plant, “Band of Joy”

The combined talents of Robert Plant and Buddy Miller were bound to produce interesting results. Together they have made "Band of Joy" one...


Basement Songs, Music

Basement Songs: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, “Stick With Me Baby”

In his latest column, Scott Malchus listens to a sweet duet and reflects on 17 years of life with his wife....


Music, Popdose Interviews

The Popdose Interview: Sara Watkins

In his latest Popdose Interview, Michael Burke talks with Nickel Creek's Sara Watkins about her debut solo album, her songwriting...


Jesus of Cool, Music

Jesus of Cool: We Wuz Robbed! Great #2 Hits of the ’70s

Continuing his decade-by-decade look of great second-place finishes in pop music, Jon Cummings moves on to the '70s, including #2 hits from...


CD Reviews, Music

CD Review: Buddy and Julie Miller, “Written in Chalk”

It certainly wouldn’t be accurate to say that Buddy and Julie Miller have bad luck. After all, each of them has had wonderful career...


Concert Reviews, Music, Popdose

Un-Ledded Love at the Greek: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, 6/23/08

The stifling heatwave that gripped southern California for a full week blew away just in time for Robert Plant and Alison Krauss to fill...


Dw. Dunphy On..., Music

Dw. Dunphy On…Vinyl

My mom, God rest her soul, hit the nail on the head. She always used to ask me, “Why must you do everything ass-backwards?” She...