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Blu-ray Review: Melissa McCarthy Kicks Some Serious Ass in “Spy”

Melissa McCarthy, Paul Feig and Jason Statham (!) flash killer comedic chops in "Spy."...

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Blu-ray Review: Mae Whitman Deserves Your Attention in “The Duff”

Mae Whitman stars in the surprisingly good "The Duff."...

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Film Review: “The Rewrite”

"The Rewrite" is a funny, traditional rom com that's perfect for Valentine's Day....


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TV Review: “Mr. Sunshine”

Popdose.com didn't quite get burned by Mr. Sunshine, but it's still unpleasant....


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Blu-ray Review: “Away We Go”

It’s been so long that I can’t remember where I first read it anymore, but there’s an old parable about a village wise...


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Soundtrack Saturday: “American Beauty”

Hey, do you see that? No, not that plastic bag fluttering in the breeze, dummy -- Kelly Stitzel's latest Soundtrack Saturday!...