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The Popdose Interview: Carlos Saldanha, director of “Rio 2”

Scott Malchus interviews the director of the animated hit film, RIO 2....

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TV on DVD: “The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Top Gear Trucks”

The latest DVD installment of The Adventures of Chuck & Friends, Top Gear Trucks, is a treat for preschool children and their parents....

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Catching Up With The Venture Brothers

Get ready for the fifth season of TV's most convoluted cartoon....

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer (The Venture Bros.)

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The Popdose Interview: Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer

In anticipation of the June 2nd premiere of The Venture Bros., season 5, co-writers Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer chatted about the show...

The Venture Bros.

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Top 10 Venture Bros. Episodes

A countdown of the ten best episodes of The Venture Bros. - just like the title says....

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Short Film Watch: Cabbit

Watch a short film drawn entirely with Sharpie markers and animated on a Mac mini....

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DVD Review: “The Smurfs and the Magic Flute”

Tony Redman reviews this 1983 classic from the original Blue Man Group. Will he think it's the Smurfiest, or will it make him want to...


Shameless Nostalgia: “Daria”

Daria, the show that best captures the tone of American culture in the '90s....



TV on DVD: “The PJ’s: Season One”

Anyone who felt that Eddie Murphy had lost his edge after the string of family friendly films he made in the mid to late 90’s should...


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TV on DVD: “The Wild Thornberrys: Season One”

Scott Malchus looks back at season one of the great 90's animated series, "The Wild Thornberrys," now on DVD....


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TV on DVD: “Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Season One”

The Power is Yours! Scott Malchus reviews the DVD release of "Captain Planet and The Planeteers: Season One."...


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TV on DVD: “Adult Swim in a Box” & “Xavier, Renegade Angel: Seasons 1 and 2”

The holidays will have a lot to offer fans of all types of entertainment, including those of us who enjoy some pretty sick and twisted...


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How Bad Can It Be?: One Eskimo, “All Balloons”

Singer-songwriter pop aimed squarely at adults meets animation geared to the Playhouse Disney demographic. Yeah, nothing could...


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How Bad Can It Be?: “Delgo”

It's one of the biggest film flops of all time. But Jack Feerick wanted to know -- really, how bad can it be?...


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How Bad Can It Be?: “Star Trek: The Animated Series”

Happy Friday, Trekkies! It's time for another installment of How Bad Can It Be? -- and this time, Jack Feerick is taking a leak all over...


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Film Review: “Up”

The new Disney/Pixar collaboration, Up, has just opened to some of the best reviews the studio’s ever received. While it’s a...


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TV on DVD: “Gigantor: The Collection Volume 1”

Gigantor: The Collection Volume 1 (2009, Koch Vision) purchase from Amazon: DVD Things my son said to me when I put on Gigantor to watch:...


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DVD Review: “Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder”

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder (2009, 20th Century Fox) purchase this DVD (Amazon) Anyone even remotely familiar with science fiction...

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The Three Strike Rule: Not Just Kids’ Stuff – Quality Animated Television

Hey, all. This week I learned what they mean by “chasing down an interview.” I had been planning to post a conversation with...