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Popdose Prime: The 75 Best Paul McCartney Songs

On June 18, Paul McCartney celebrated his 75th birthday. With enviable longevity and prodigious musical gifts, he’s amassed a legacy...


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Numberscruncher: Save Money with “Pogue’s Basics: Money”

In December, a client – a major financial institution – asked me to write a post on ways that someone could save $18,000 in the...


The Cheer-Up Is On: Songs to Break the Gloom

Your friends are liars., your family in pieces, and your country is confused. What do you do next?...

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Staff Meeting: Our Favorite (?) Movie and TV Cliches

The best of the worst of movie and TV cliches. If you've seen 'em once, you know 'em all!...

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Popdose Music Roundtable: June 2014

This article can be summed up in one quote: "I will pay someone to shoot you, Walsh."...

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Numberscruncher: Of Course, Mitt Romney Lies!

It’s a given: Mitt Romney has issues with the truth. I think it’s cultural. People in business learn to lie, and in the...



Consumerism: The Graceland Mansion Tour

Memphis has a lot of attractions for music fans, all of which seem to exist to help people fill up a weekend and spend lots of money. Only...



Consumerism: The Motown Tour

Berry Gordy, Jr. served in Korea, returned to Detroit, got a job at Ford, and started writing songs for his friend Jackie Wilson. Gordy...



Numberscruncher: Kickstart My Record

Musicians and writers used to be able to rely on record companies and publishers for advances, but those are smaller and harder for mere...


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Numberscruncher: The Long Tail and The Big Head

The shift to electronic media not only means that fewer CDs and paperbacks will end up in thrift shops, but it also means that we can...


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Popdose Contest: Win “Southland: The Complete First Season” on DVD

So, are there any Southland fans still reading Popdose? Excellent! This giveaway is especially for you. A lucky reader will win the...


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Book Review: Lee Eisenberg, “Shoptimism”

Lee Eisenberg likes to shop. He also has a lot of perspective on how people sell and how people buy. He was the editor in chief of Esquire...


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Numberscruncher: No More Blogging for Dollars?

Will the FTC bring down Popdose? Or do they have some vitamin peddlers to go after first?...


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Numberscruncher: The Magic of Medicare

Tired of hearing about health care? Tough luck, bitches! Ann Logue is all about the Medicare in this week's Numberscruncher....


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Bride of Popdose: A Wedding Songs Mixtape

The Popdose Staff, led by the intrepid Jon Cummings, has banded together to present a mixtape full of songs from our own weddings. Walk...


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Where’s the (Tea) Party?

Rick Santelli of CNBC has called for a Chicago Tea Party, a revolt by taxpayers against a government stimulus package that may reward some...