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First Look: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Jeff Giles: It’s Anne Hathaway! As Catwoman! And she’s riding the Batpod! Michael Parr: If you say so… Dw. Dunphy: Huh. Looks like Liv Tyler. Michael: I actually agree with you. It barely looks like Ms. Hathaway, though my most recent viewing of Ms. Hathaway was during her breast-a-riffic performance in Love and Other Drugs, so my view might be obscured by the fact that she isn’t topless. Kelly Stitzel: I don’t think she looks very Catwoman-like. All I see is a woman wearing a leather jacket and some weird glasses on a bike. Dan Wiencek: Just what I was thinking.

DVD Review: “Get Smart”

Get Smart (2008) Starring: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, Alan Arkin Director: Peter Segal purchase this DVD (Amazon) In the ’90s, the direct-to-video market was the realm of ex-stars like Corey Feldman, making indirect sequels to forgotten franchises like License to Drive and Meatballs, but the increasing affordability of kickass home-theater systems, and the seemingly infinite possibilities of hi-def formats — not to mention a widening gulf between movie ticket prices and what they actually deliver — have helped level the playing field between the box office and the rumpus room. This year, more than one studio has announced plans to ramp up their direct-to-video output; in the short term, this means you can expect to see sequels to horrible movies like Without a Paddle on the shelves at Best Buy, but in the long run, it just might lead to more stars making moderate-to-big-budget movies for the home market. Which brings us to Get Smart, which was released to theaters over the summer — and did well, grossing over $100 million — but …