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Temptations - Al Green

Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: “I Can’t Get Next To You” – Which Version Gets Next To You?

The muscular Tempts or the slow-burning Al Green. Which version is your favorite?...

Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: The Persuaders, “Thin Line Between Love And Hate”

The Persuaders recorded a big hit of their own and original versions of hits for others...

Music, Popdose Flashback

Popdose Flashback 1994: Joe Jackson, “Night Music”

For all the cries of Joe Jackson's "forsaking" pop, 1994's "Night Music" says otherwise....

Album Reviews, Music

Album Review: Sarah Jaffe, “Don’t Disconnect”

There’s a set of lyrics on the new Sarah Jaffe record, out with much anticipation next month, that sums up the whole over-produced and...

Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’90s, Vol. 49

The Lemonheads meet Huey Lewis in this week's Bottom Feeders. ...

Podcast, Songs of Freedom

Songs of Freedom: Episode Five

The fifth episode of Songs of Freedom continues the discussion from the last episode on politics and female recording artists....

Music, Popdose Flashback '92

Popdose Flashback ’92: Annie Lennox, “Diva”

Kelly Stitzel revisits one of her favorite albums, Annie Lennox's solo debut, Diva....

Greatest Un-Hits, Music

Greatest Un-Hits: Carly Simon’s “Let the River Run” (1988)

Carly Simon's song from Working Girl was the first Oscar-winning song in a decade not to be a smash hit, and also it was by the iconic...

Film, Soundtrack Saturday

Soundtrack Saturday Rewind: “Scrooged”

Kelly Stitzel revisits another post from A Soundtrack Saturday Christmas, this time the Bill Murray classic, Scrooged....


Mellowmas, Music

The Fourteenth Day of Mellowmas: Androgymas

In today's post, Jeff and Jason uncover long-suppressed memories of cold British seascapes and synthy dread....


Music, The Weekly Mixtape

The Popdose Holiday Mixtape 2010

Last Christmas, we gave you our heart, but you were too busy doing real stuff. Hey, it’s perfectly understandable. We launched a...


Music, The Weekly Mixtape

The Friday Mixtape: 7/16/10

Having a mopey summer, like me? This is the mix for you. Chris Isaak – Dancin’ from Baja Sessions (1996) Cotton Jones –...


CD Reviews, Music, Popdose Interviews

CD Review: David Bowie, “A Reality Tour” (with Gail Ann Dorsey interview)

Though I’ve been a Bowie fan for just about as long as I’ve been a sentient human being (thanks, Dad!), I’ve only seen...


CD Reviews, Music

CD Review: David Gray, “Draw the Line”

The popularity of David Gray’s White Ladder nine or so years ago was a fluke, an accident, a total surprise, never should have...


Music, The Steel Horse Archives

The Steel Horse Archives: Damn Yankees, “Where You Goin’ Now?” (1992)

Jeff Vrabel is back on his Steel Horse again, and this time, he's taking us back to a power ballad that arrived just in time for the death...



@#$% Preconceptions: Eurythmics, “In the Garden”

Preconceptions can be a bitch. Lemme give you an example. Back in 1981, I bought an album by a band called The Tourists, whom I knew...