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Numberscruncher: Kickstart My Record

Musicians and writers used to be able to rely on record companies and publishers for advances, but those are smaller and harder for mere mortals to get than in times past. And, many bands have found to their chagrin that record companies offered the most expensive form of financing when all was said and done. And yet, the books want to be written, the music wants to be played. And even if it wants to be free, there are costs involved. When the going gets tough, creative people get creative.

Numberscruncher: Burn This Koran

Nothing makes clear the sorry state of civics education in the United States than all of the kerfuffle over mosques and Korans. Here’s all you need to know: If it is political or religious speech in a public forum, then it is protected.

Numberscruncher: Viacom Sues YouTube

A video that always makes me happy, and violates Viacom’s copyright:
YouTube is..