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Apple iPhone 5S Review

A paginated review video post format which includes a table specifications. This is a big week for Apple; it has two new phones hitting...

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Ya-whom: Is The Marissa Mayer Narrative Unfair?

Marissa Mayer - forming the cult of Yahoo or the cult of Marissa Mayer?...

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: iPhone-Ready Earbuds

Most of the stuff on sale at the Apple Store, both physical and virtual, tends to be made by Apple itself. Usually if Apple likes a company...


Poptificating: The iPhone 5 Launch

Apple has announced the iPhone 5 officially. Is the Popblerd team rushing to buy, or scratching their heads and asking "Why?"...

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Lefschmutz: Bob Lefsetz’s Mother Wants an iPhone

In which Bob Lefsetz tells of his attempt to teach his mother how to use her newfangled Apple gizmos. ...

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Fandango: “Insanely Great” — Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

The worlds of technology and popular culture lost a true visionary yesterday with the death of Steve Jobs at age 56 due to complications...


Steve Jobs, The Winningest Loser

At the announcement of his death, it was important to recount the "failures" of Steve Jobs....


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Lefschmutz: Bob Lefsetz Thinks Graphs Are Sexy!

Our new column, where we dissect the latest rantings from the crazy, fucked-up world of America's creepiest music and technology...


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Fixing a Hole: The Beatles’ Imaginary Post-1970 Albums, Part 12

Part 12: Flaming Pie (1997) This is where we officially get into the Beatles’ modern era.  By this point, the Fabs are a band which...


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Bootleg City: Who’s Bad?

Yesterday morning I decided to take a leisurely bike ride along Whiskey River, the main waterway that runs through Bootleg City....


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The iPad, Digital Comics, and the Lost Generation

Depending on who you listen to and/or read, the dawning of the digital age of mainstream comics is either the new lifeline the comic...


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Numberscruncher: Who Needs the Radio?

When I was a kid, I had to listen to whatever the DJ picked. One of the odder decade-end lists was Nielsen’s list of the most-played...


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TV Review: “Independent Lens: Objectified” (PBS)

Gary Hustwit is best known (to me, anyway) as the filmmaker behind the award-winning documentary about Wilco, I Am Trying To Break Your...