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Around two years ago, Popdose introduced you to Arrica Rose, lead singer of Arrica Rose and The… their album Wave Function.  Now she’s back again with a new band, the predominantly country-oriented Dear County and their debut album, Low Country.  Co-led by Mark W. Lynn, this band mixes that country feel with a semi-heavy approach, tempered with Ms. Rose’s rich vocals.  Low Country is in essence, a fresh slant on retro styles, balancing the raw and more ethereal. From the moment you listen to all of the opening track, “On And On”, with Ms. Rose’s yearning vocals and the rich harmonies that prop up the strength of the singing, you know this band is definitely on to something good.  There’s something immediately embraceable about the melancholy feel of the music; “Oh My Darlin’” follows this spirit in a classic, almost late ’50’s-type of arrangement (listen to it and you’ll know exactly what I mean) and “Losing Leaves” is slow, sad and atmospheric, with its delicate guitar figures and mournful guitar strums.  Interestingly, the band’s version …

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CD REVIEW: Arrica Rose & The …, “Wavefunction”

The word “concept” album took on a negative connotation by the end of the ’70’s.  However, this isn’t the ’70’s and concept albums are a good thing.  It’s nice to have an album be threaded together with songs that tell stories – to read like a novel.  Such is the case with Wavefunction, the new album from Los Angelinos Arrica Rose & The … (yes, “The Dot Dot Dots”).  This collection was designed as an album (as opposed to CD or digital), so the idea was to have a different mood for each side, yet tie it together with two versions of the same song (“Oh The Day (Then The Night)”).  It works. Not over the top in terms of sonic quality – almost delicately under-produced, with dry vocals that fit the songs perfectly (her voice is silky and sultry; she doesn’t need studio trickery) – the first two songs immediately have you in their grips.  “The Song In Your Head” is instantly catchy and upbeat, while “Love You Like That” is a balls-out sexy …


Summer of Sequels: New Music From Popdose’s 7 Hot Ex Girlfriends (Free MP3’s)

POPDOSE doesn’t believe in a “one post stand”, so this week we’re drunk dialing some of the loveliest ladies we’ve ever featured in our “Download Now” and “The Popdose Interview” columns to hear what they’ve been up to. Arrica Rose Last year, Arrica Rose was the subject of POPDOSE’s most popular “Download Now” feature — and for good reason. Her rich voice weaves a tapestry of influences, from Mazzy Star and Neko Case to the Andrews Sisters and the Cowboy Junkies. Critics, bloggers and her feverish fanbase gushed, swooned and whispered loudly over her dark, dreamy, cinematic and enthralling EP, Lucky. Here is a taste of title track (take a spin, you’ll discover why): Arrica Rose – Microscope Lucky, featuring her band the “…’s” — Marc Thomas (lead guitar), Steve Giles (bass, backing vocals), Ryan Brown (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Laura Martin (backing vocals) and Kaitlin Wolfberg (violin, backing vocals) — is on sale this week at Amazon. To add some extra sweetness to the proceedings, here is her exquisite cover of the Buggles’ “Video Killed The Radio Star” Sara Melson We last interviewed Sara Melson upon the release …

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Download Now: Arrica Rose “Without My Love” Free MP3 (Folk • Dream Pop)

As we speak, singer/songwriter Arrica Rose, producer Dan Garcia, and a rotating musician collective known as the “…’s” (not to be confused with !!!) are burrowed away in Los Angeles putting the finishing touches on a new EP (set for a February release on her own pOprOck records). Here is your first taste: “Without My Love” is a beautiful cocktail of sweet multi-tracked harmonies and upbeat Americana. Nestle this one into a playlist with Neko Case, The Pierces, The Chapin Sisters, Eleni Mandell and Tanita Tikiram and you will be in dark folk dream pop heaven. Arrica Rose – Without My Love To download: PC right click/save as • MAC option/click As an added bonus, here is Arrica’s stunning cover of “Tragedy” by the Bee Gees. For more free music, connect with Arrica Rose online and on facebook. Photo by Piper Ferguson.