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The Friday Five: January 16, 2015

It's the Friday Five! Shuffle through five random tracks from your library and share it with the Popdose community....

Eight Belles

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New Video: Eight Belles, “Buried Child”

The first ever Eight Belles video features a horse. If it didn't, we'd be very worried....

Joey Dosik

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Popdose 2012: Michael Fortes’s Favorite Music of the Year

Due to the extreme length of this 2012 year-end recap, Michael Fortes recommends that you skip ahead to the entry on Joey Dosik....

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Album Review: Ash Reiter, “Hola”

Bay Area songstress Ash Reiter delivers a second full-length album that's concise, full of exciting modern pop productions, and packed with...

Ash Reiter

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Ash Reiter Launches Kickstarter Campaign, New Music Video

Pitch in to help fund the mastering and pressing of Ash Reiter's new album and you could end up going on a skydiving trip!...

Sean Hayes

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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 37: Sean Hayes

San Francisco's folk hero, Sean Hayes, gifted us with a Parlour to Parlour interview at his own private studio in the series' final...

Ash Reiter


Popdose 2011: Michael Fortes’ album highlights of the year

Michael Fortes looks back on five major musical highlights as part of Popdose's 2011 year-end wrap-up....


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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 36: Bells

Fusing elements of indie pop, soul and West African highlife, Bells has quickly emerged as one of the most exciting new bands in the Bay...

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Listening Booth: Ash Reiter

Ted Asregadoo emerges from the Listening Booth walking on clouds after hearing the new Ash Reiter EP, Heatwave. ...

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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 35: Magic Leaves

Parlour to Parlour heads outdoors once again, this time for a psych-folk-rock trip with Joshua Bruner of the great Northern California band...

Bart Davenport

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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 34: Bart Davenport

With a voice as smooth as silk, and a style as distinctive as a Maserati, how is Bay Area indie pop institution Bart Davenport not yet a...

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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 33: Quinn DeVeaux

Hailing from Oakland, California, Quinn DeVeaux talks about the hybrid of gospel, blues and R&B that he calls blue beat in this month's...

Anna Ash

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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 30: Anna Ash

Ambitious, charming, and possessing a spine-shivering voice, Anna Ash took Parlour to Parlour straight to the ballroom for the series' 30th...

Ash Reiter

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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 29: Ash Reiter

Berkeley-based singer/songwriter/NorCal girl Ash Reiter radiates characteristically casual grace in this month's Parlour to Parlour....

The Beehavers

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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 28: The Beehavers

The Parlour to Parlour journey takes an unexpected turn as Michael Fortes spotlights Bryant Denison's gypsy voodoo folk rock collective The...



Popdose Roundtable: Looking at Eleven

2011 is only hours away now. For some of us, the past year was a reevaluation of priorities, for others a positive sea change. For many, it...


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Popdose 2010: Michael Fortes’ Top Albums

From the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, Michael Fortes runs through his top picks for the best albums of 2010....


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The Weekly Mixtape: Ethan’s Mix

Hi! This is Ethan. Well, technically, he’s Super Ethan in this picture. Which makes sense, ’cause Ethan is my super-awesome...


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CD Review: Ash Reiter, “Paper Diamonds”

Michael Fortes has stumbled and fallen for the alluring songs and hypnotic voice of Berkeley's Ash Reiter, and he thinks the same might...