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Book Review: Deanna M. Lehman, “Pandora’s Box”

When I first read Deanna Lehman’s Kinderwhore a few years ago, I was both horrified and unable to put it down; I finished it in an...

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Book Review: Chris Stamey, “A Spy in the House of Loud: New York Songs and Stories”

It goes without saying Chris Stamey is one of my favorite songwriters/musicians.  Having fallen under the spell of The dB’s from...

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Book Review: Deanna M. Lehman, “Kinderwhore”

Let’s begin by making clear a disclaimer:  this is not an easy book, by any means.  Deanna M. Lehman’s Kinderwhore is one of...

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Book Review: Gary Shail, “I Think I’m on the Guest List”

I’m not someone who would ever think to buy and read an autobiography by an actor; it’s usually not in my crosshairs of...

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Top 5 Music Autobiographies That Need to Be Written

There are a lot of great music autobiographies out there, but there are great ones still to be written. Chris Holmes counts down the Top 5....

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Popdose at Kirkus Reviews: “Ukulele Heroes”

 For almost 80 years, Kirkus Reviews has served as the industry bible for bookstore buyers, librarians, and ordinary readers alike. Now...