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Music News: Roger Dean Vs. James Cameron — Are These Your Floating Islands?

This week, director James Cameron laid claim to mountains coming out of the sky and standing there. Anyone who has a thing for 70’s...

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Preventing The Pandora Matrix

All James Cameron sees in his future is Pandora. We see him falling down the rabbit hole....


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Blu-ray Reviews: “Caddyshack,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and More

Proving Blu-ray isn’t just for videophiles, Caddyshack makes the hi-def leap this week — a low-budget comedy made by an...



2010 Oscar Predictions

Jeff Johnson sorts out the contenders and makes his picks for this year's Oscar winners. Who do you think will win?...


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No Concessions: Tops, Flops, Oscars, Razzies

From Avatar to the Transformers sequel, from Up in the Air to the depths of Obsessed, a look back at the highs...


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The Bigger Picture: The Game Has Not Changed

It took me a while to get around to seeing Avatar. One reason for that, also coincidentally one of the reasons I have been a pretty lazy...