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Suburban Metal Dad, Webcomics

Suburban Metal Dad: “Awful b/w No” (Rerun)

METAL DAD: THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE NOW. COLLECTS YEARS 3 & 4! Click here. METAL DAD shirts! Click here to get yours. Click HERE for...


“Santa Baby”: The Jukebox From Hell 13

"Santa Baby" has become a standard over the years. Doesn't mean it isn't a shitty song, though....

Mellowmas, Music

The Fifth Day of Mellowmas: O Come All Ye Migraines

What's worse than Kidz Bop? Imitation Kidz Bop. With rapping. FOR CHRISTMAS....


Mellowmas, Music

The Twenty-Fifth Day of Mellowmas: Oh God, So Terribly Inappropriatemas

By the cold light of Mellowmas morn, Fred Schneider returns to make us all sick. So very, very sick....


Film, Trailer Trash

Trailer Trash: “The Bounty Hunter”

Who needs to watch the damn movies? Dave Matos and Mikey Newman don’t, thanks to their patented movie review system, which tells them...


Earmageddon, Music

Earmageddon: Apologetix, “Biblical Graffiti”

Do these seem like nice fellows? Don't be fooled -- they're horsemen of a musical apocalypse. Read all about it in the latest...