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Music News: Anticipating the Imminent Reemergence of Paul Melancon

Like Harry Lime with a thumbdrive, here comes Paul Melancon....

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Album Review: Hollywood Vampires, “Hollywood Vampires”

Doesn't suck, but lacks bite....

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  TRNZPRNT (pronounced as “transparent”) are New York/New Jersey area hard rock veterans of several bands, now having...

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DVD Review: Strange Fruit: The Beatles’ Apple Records

Want the whole story? Here it is, come and ... oh never mind....



I’ve Got Reissues: The “It’s Halloween, I’ve got my Bob Dylan mask on!” Late Edition

Joseph Jon Lanthier rounds up reissues and remasters for the month of October 2010. Among the rambunctious little doggies lassoed are the...


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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 23: The Tripwires

Michael Fortes uncovers a power pop goldmine in Seattle when he finally meets The Tripwires' John Ramberg in Episode 23 of Parlour to...


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Bootleg City: The Beatles, “Abbey Road”

It’s a little disgusting when you think about how much talent these guys had. But I’ve come up with a surefire way to make...


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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 5

It’s 1999 — I’m working two jobs and finding myself with no money thanks to my record-buying obsession, so I pick up...


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The Popdose Guide to Badfinger

Few bands in the history of rock n’ roll have been simultaneously as lucky and doomed as Badfinger. Lucky because they were not only...



Hall of Fame Week: Todd Rundgren

“All the lies, all the truth, all the things that I offer you / All the sights, all the sounds, all the times that you turned me down...