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Popdose Giveaway: What? Yes, You Can Win “The Internship” on Blu-ray

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are back at it. The stars of the hit comedy, The Wedding Crashers, reunite for The Internship starring as two salesmen who find themselves suddenly unemployed in their early 40s. With few options in front of them, they apply for a college internship at Google. Both view it as a chance for a new beginning and an opportunity to use their sales skills to get them future jobs at the Internet giant. Almost immediately they find themselves out of touch with the younger generation and struggling to make their wild idea work. The Internship is funny, as you’d expect from Vaughn and Wilson, but it also has a great deal of heart, especially when the two of them bond with the group of misfits. The film also stars Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids) and Aasif Mandvi (The Daily Show), as well as a collection of cameos by some very recognizable faces in TV and film. Yes, Will Ferrell does show up. Popdose has two copies of The Internship Blu-ray to offer to …

10 Movies…That Are Narrative Remakes of Documentaries

Kon-Tiki hits American theaters this week, months after it was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar. It’s a narrative retelling of Kon-Tiki, the 1951 Academy-Award winning documentary directed by Thor Heyerdahl about his voyage across the South Seas in a raft of his own creation. Here are some other compelling real-life stories caught on film…that were then scripted and remade. Rescue Dawn (2006) In 1997, Werner Herzog made Little Dieter Needs to Fly for German television, a documentary about a German-born American pilot named Dieter Dengler who was shot down and captured in the Vietnamese War but later successfully escaped. About a decade later, Herzog wrote and directed Rescue Dawn, based on the events of Dieter. Party Monster (2003) Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato produced and directed Party Monster: The Shockumentary in 1998, based on Disco Bloodbath by NYC club kid James St. James, which focuses on the life and murders of fellow club kid and horrifying sociopath Michael Alig. The duo remade it as a narrative film in 2003, with Seth Green and …

Trailer Talk: Did Brett Ratner Do the Impossible with “Tower Heist”?

Jeff Giles: So…is Brett Ratner going to make Eddie Murphy funny again? Let us discuss. David Medsker: I saw this in front of Cowboys and Aliens (which is all sorts of boring), and I have to admit I’m looking forward to this one, Ratner be damned. Jack Feerick: I’m afraid that nothing short of a working time machine, the blood of a hundred virgins, and a Harry Potter-style mass amnesia spell will be anough to make Eddie Murphy funny again. Jeff: I would have said the same thing yesterday, but I caught myself laughing at this trailer more than once. I mean, it sucks that Eddie has to play another freshly sprung ex-con to make it happen, but hey… Jack: Oh, I think the trailer is amusing. But Murphy is the least amusing thing about it. He’s phoning it in, again, right down to his little trademark chuckle. Gabourey Sidibey is wiping the floor with him.

DVD Review: “Soul Men”

If I’m going to remain true to the movie, then the only way to describe Soul Men is to call it one motherfucking funny film.  If that statement in any way offends you, you shouldn’t watch Soul Men, because Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson use that phrase — and other colorful language — freely in their very R-rated buddy film.  But it’s funny…man, is it funny.  This was Mac’s final film before his death last year, and he went out on top. Mac and Jackson star as Louis Hinds and Floyd Henderson, a couple of ’60s backup singers in a Miracles-type group called Marcus Hooks and the Real Deal. Their Smokey Robinson-esque lead singer, Marcus Hooks, is played by John Legend (who continues to impress me with his willingness to poke fun at his cool image).  As the opening prologue explains, the group stays together through the late ’70s, until Hooks breaks up them up to embark on a solo career.  Hinds and Henderson go on to record one album as a duo before …