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No Concessions: “Black Mass”

A deal with a devilish Johnny Depp....

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Film Review: “Penguins of Madagascar”

Don’t blame the filmmakers of Penguins of Madagascar for the recent troubles at Dreamworks Animation. The movie may feel like the company...

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Popdose Prime: Five Reasons Why “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” Is the Best “Star Trek” Movie

It should be obvious already, but in case you needed proof......

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PopSmarts: A Reputation For Difficulty

We who take it as a vocation to criticize the efforts of others must take great care to keep our own behavior above reproach. It is...

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Blu-ray Review: “Star Trek Into Darkness”

To not so boldly go where most action pictures have gone before....


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No Concessions: “Frankenstein,” Live Onstage at the Movies

London's hottest show is now playing at a movie theater near you. And a former bride of Frankenstein stars in The Tourist, now on...


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TV Review: Masterpiece Mystery, “Sherlock”

This Sunday, PBS Masterpiece Mystery unveils a new "Sherlock" for our time. Does this modern detective retain the flavor of the original?...