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What You Need to Know: The Streaming Beatles

At 12:01 AM this morning, the world was gifted by The Beatles' music appearing on virtually every available streaming service. But what...

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‘Face Time: Beyoncé, “Best Thing I Never Had”

Join Popdose for a look back at three decades of Babyface's wide-ranging influence as a singer, songwriter, and producer....

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Sweeter in Her Story: The Ultimate Gabriella Cilmi Interview — Free MP3 Download

What would you say to one of your favorite musicians if you were given the chance to hang out for a while? For me, this would be Aussie...

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You’re Dead to Us: Hit Songs by Older Adults, Made for Older Adults

A new series in which we look at once common curiosities of pop culture that don’t exist anymore, be it because of changing tastes,...

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Short Attention Span Oscars: 11 Mini Movie Music Video Classics

I haven’t seen ANY of this year’s slew of “Best Picture” nominees. Besides the high price of tickets and parking, I...


Popblerd’s 2013 Grammy Preview & Predictions Part 4 : R&B

Prepare for Miguel's coming-out party. The singer/songwriter is performing on the Grammy telecast and has a slew of nominations in the...

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Lefschmutz: Bob Lefsetz Is a Sexist, Racist Pig!

Bob Lefsetz went beyond the pale in his column about Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl. I respond with dick jokes....


Top of the Charts – March 29, 2012

The Mega Millions lottery turned out the way it usually does for you, right? Guess what?...

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Top of the Charts – March 22, 2012

The Expanded Edition - Your Week's Charts At A Glance...

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New Music: Terje Fjelde, “End Of Time – Mellow Radio Remix”

Terje mellows Beyonce out. Vote for him! Vote for him now!...


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Lefschmutz: Bob Lefsetz Wants to Know Where His French Fries Come From!

In which Bob Lefsetz tries to turn Five Guys' success into a metaphor for the music industry and fails miserably....


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The Pop-Culture Year That Wasn’t: Top Stories of (Fake) 2010

Popdose teams up with world-renowned CAP News for a look at the most important pop culture stories of the past year. February: Stern Gets...


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Live Music: Neil Young and Joanna Newsom, Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco, 12/8/10

Neil Young and Joanna Newsom lent their talents to a worthy cause in San Francisco, and Michael Fortes gives the rundown on how it all...


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CD Review: Alicia Keys, “The Element of Freedom”

Alicia Keys has shed her '70s soul inspired roots for more modern influences, but does it work? Michael Parr has the review....


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Random Play: Alvin and the Chipmunks

When the 2007 live action-animation hybrid movie of Alvin and the Chipmunks made $60 million in its opening weekend, it took people by...


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Unsolicited Career Advice for … Donny Osmond

It's time for more unsolicited career advice from Don Skwatzenschitz, and this week, he's trying to help a furloughed Soldier of Love....


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Unsolicited Career Advice for… Jennifer Lopez

Wasn’t aware that Uncle Donnie had a hand in the movie business until I found this missive.  Of course, the...


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Mojo’s Cold Shot: Setting the Record Straight on Etta James

To the hardcore fan of 1950s blues, R&B, and soul, Etta James can be vexing. To anyone following the news lately, her calling out of...


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Unsolicited Career Advice for… Beyoncé

For someone who doesn’t know a lot about hip-hop (as we surmised from his memo to the late Tupac Shakur), Uncle Donnie does seem to...


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Mix Six: “Oh So Middle School”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE Do you remember you middle school years?  For old codgers like me, middle school was called “junior...