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Platters That Matter, Episode 4: Queen — Queen II

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Platters That Matter, Episode 4: Queen, “Queen II”

Join co-hosts Chris Holmes and Dw. Dunphy as they demonstrate why Queen II is a platter that matters....

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Reissue Review: Smashing Pumpkins, “The Aeroplane Flies High”

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was one of the most popular (and epic) rock albums of the ‘90s, but it still feels kind of...

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The Friday Five: February 15, 2013

Beat the post Valentine's dip, join in the Friday Five!...


Spin Cycle: James Iha, Look to the Sky

2004: “The truth of the matter is that guitarist James Iha broke up the Smashing Pumpkins. Not me, not drummer Jimmy Chamberlin,...


Spin Cycle: The Smashing Pumpkins, Pisces Iscariot (Deluxe Reissue)

What do you get when you give a collection of odds 'n sods the deluxe treatment? Odder and sodder....

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The Friday Five: June 22, 2012

On your mark! Get Set! Shuffle! Join in this week's Friday Five....

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Album Review: Smashing Pumpkins, “Oceania”

“The Comeback Album” is one of rock’s great traditions, right up there with the sophomore slump, selling out, breaking-up...


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The Popdose Podcast: Episode 5

Jeff Giles, Jason Hare and Dave Lifton return for more irreverent conversation on music, movies and Michael McDonald -- all in this very...


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Unsolicited Career Advice for… Michael Stipe

With this week's installment of Unsolicited Advice, Rob Smith's uncle Don Skwatzenschitz becomes the latest in a long line of people to try...