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The Rockford Files (Mike Post and Pete Carpenter)

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Top 10 TV Themes of the ’70s

Get ready to get funky and then mellow with this list of the ten greatest TV theme songs from the 1970s. No drum machines need apply....

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“I’m Always Learning”: A Conversation with David Sanborn

The Grammy-winning musician discusses his reunion with keyboardist Bob James and their new album, Quartette Humaine....


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Here’s Something Else!: Remember Must Hear Television? Celebrating classic prime-time themes

In many ways, television is a technological wonder these days, what with remote controls, digital signals and DVRs. But, for those who fell...


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The Weekly Mixtape: 3/4/11 (Five-Star Jazz)

This week's Popdose mixtape, presented by Chris Holmes, offers up 20 of the greatest jazz songs ever recorded....


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Smooth Sailing: In Defense of Bob James and David Sanborn

If you were reading my stuff way back in the old Jefitoblog days, you know I have a sick fascination for smooth jazz — to the point...


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Mix Six: “Neo Swing, Baby”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE There was a moment in the mid to late ’90s when I passed an invisible line from young adulthood —...


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Sugar Water: Jarreau!

The title of Al Jarreau’s sixth studio album, released in 1983, is simple and straightforward: Jarreau. But if you ask me, it’s...