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2013 Holiday Gift Guide, Holiday Gift Guides, Television, TV on Blu-ray, TV on DVD

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: TV on DVD/Blu-ray

Cyber Monday is upon us and Mr. Malchus gives us his annual TV on DVD Holiday Gift Guide....


The Breaking Bad Series Finale PROMO Song: Junip ‘Line of Fire’

SPOILER FREE POST: While the Badfinger song that ushered us into the end credits will get a whole lotta buzz today, I can’t stop...

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The Three Strikes Rule: “Breaking Bad” Revisited

The Three Strike Rule returns and revisits one of the first shows reviewed for Popdose....

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TV on Blu-ray: “Breaking Bad: The Fifth Season”

The fifth season of Breaking Bad is thrilling, disturbing and heartbreaking, everything you’d expect from the Emmy Award winning series. ...


The Best Albums of 2012: Koomdogg’s Favorite Things

Koomdogg runs down his favorite albums and other cool stuff from 2012....


Poptificating: The 64th Emmy Awards

Whether we watched the ceremony or skimmed the results, the Popblerd team had one thing in common: we all had strong opinions to voice...


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Popdose 2010: Emilia Rhodes’ Best in Television

From gangsters to vampires, and cable dramas to network comedies, a list of the best in television in 2010....


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The Popdose Podcast: Episode 9

Join Jeff Giles, Jason Hare and Dave Lifton for a fantastic discussion about Drooling Fanaticism with special guest Steve Almond, author of...

Television, The Three Strike Rule

The Three Strike Rule: “Breaking Bad” (AMC)

Try as I may, I’m not feeling the love that so many other critics have for Breaking Bad, AMC’s latest original dramatic series....