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Lefschmutz Jr.: The World’s Worst Music Snob Can’t Get Laid

I can rarely predict where a column about music is going to raise my ire next. I’ve all-but stopped reading Lefsetz recently in the...

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Album Review: The Purrs, “The Boy With Astronaut Eyes”

The Boy With Astronaut Eyes finds The Purrs in a particularly joyful state of mind, and sounding perhaps the most invigorated and pumped up...


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CD Review: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Who Killed Sgt. Pepper”

Ok, this is tough stuff. The tenth studio album from San Francisco’s the Brian Jonestown Massacre is a swirling psychedelic...


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Bootleg City: Ride in Cambridge, March ’91

Last week in Bootleg City, it was discovered that Mayor Cass had gone missing after what appeared to be a New Year’s Eve celebration in...


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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 10: The Purrs

Episode 10 marks a couple of big firsts for me. This was the occasion of my first visit to Seattle, which was surprisingly sunny and...