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Spin Cycle: The Beach Boys, That’s Why God Made The Radio

Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys return after a lengthy absence with "That's Why God Made The Radio." Does the iconic group still have the...

AM Gold: 1972

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Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 41

Thus begins our journey into AM Gold: 1972. And hey, look, Three Dog Night is still hanging around!...

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CD Review: Brandon Schott, “13 Satellites”

Brandon Schott's latest album, "13 Satellites," is really good. Just ask Rob Smith ......

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Popdose 2011: Michael Fortes’ album highlights of the year

Michael Fortes looks back on five major musical highlights as part of Popdose's 2011 year-end wrap-up....

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A Fan’s Notes: “The Beach Boys FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About America’s Band”

Jon Stebbins has penned fine books about Beach Boys Dennis Wilson, and David Marks. "The Beach Boys FAQ" aspires to be the last word on the...

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SMiLE-ology: Inside The Beach Boys’ SMiLE Sessions

Literally almost fifty years in the making, last week saw the release of The SMiLE Sessions, a boxed set of material from the Beach Boys...

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A Fan’s Notes: The Beach Boys, “The SMiLE Sessions” Webisodes, and More

To coincide with the long-awaited release of the Beach Boys SMiLE Sessions, the band has posted a new series of videos related to the...

AM Gold: 1966

Digging for Gold, Music

Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 17

The good ship AM Gold has arrived in 1966, and we're forced to confront an age-old question -- how do you separate art from the artist?...

The Popdose Guide to The Beach Boys

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The Popdose Guide to the Beach Boys

A look at the songs and the story behind 50 years of the Beach Boys, American's greatest pop band....


The Beach Boys Are Reuniting! Oh Wait, No They Aren’t

Poor Al Jardine. Always the last to know....

AM Gold: 1964

Digging for Gold, Music

Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 12

Our look at AM Gold: 1964 reaches its respectable conclusion....

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Lefschmutz: Bob Lefsetz Didn’t Know Brian Wilson Wrote the Beach Boys’ Songs

Bob meets Brian Wilson and realizes he was the guy who wrote all those classic songs....

AM Gold: 1963

Digging for Gold, Music

Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 7

Put your headphones on and your cares away, and come back with us once again to the world of Time-Life's "AM Gold" -- 1963 style!...


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The Popdose Interview: Phil “Fang” Volk

Famed bass players the likes of Brian Wilson and Will Lee have all flipped their instruments of choice in tribute to Phil “Fang” Volk,...


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Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 5

Our celebration of AM Gold's compilation series continues with the first batch of songs from 1963. Hello Beach Boys!...


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Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s, Part 57

Dave Steed finishes up the letter W this week as he takes on The Who, Steve Winwood, Winger and more. ...


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The Very Guest Of… Brian Wilson

As Brian Wilson hits the big 6-9, Popdose looks back at 15 occasions when the former Beach Boy has been The Very Guest Of various artists...


Greatest Un-Hits, Music

Greatest Un-Hits: The Roches’ “We” (1979)

“We” is a personal introduction by the Roches, about the Roches, from their first album, The Roches. After saying that they...


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The Popdose Interview: Christopher Cross

He's gone sailing, ridden like the wind, and been caught between the moon and New York City. Now, Christopher Cross is back with a new...


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Listmania: Never Mind The Parodies, Here’s 20 Weird Al Yankovic Originals

"Weird Al" Yankovic: he's not just about Lady Gaga parodies, you know. Join Popdose as we look back at 20 of Al's most memorable original...


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CD Review: Tim Buckley, “Tim Buckley (Deluxe Edition)”

In 1966 the stunning voice of Tim Buckley emerged. Rhino Handmade has reissued his debut album, along with the early Buckley music that...


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Cratedigger: The Beach Boys, “Surf’s Up”

With a new manager hired to make the Beach Boys back relevant again, the band's 1971 album "Surf's Up" proved to be a powerful artistic...


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Popdose 2010: Michael Fortes’ Top Albums

From the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, Michael Fortes runs through his top picks for the best albums of 2010....


Listmania, Music

Popdose 2010: Will Harris’s Top Albums and Songs

I don’t even know why I’m here, frankly. I think it’s pretty well documented that all I do these days is write about...


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The Second Day of Mellowmas: Warm Lovin’ Mellowmas

Mellowmas has just begun and already Jason has become weak (and nauseous). See why as the dynamic duo listen to some warm lovin' Wilson...


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The Friday Mixtape: 10/22/10 — Peace and Love

Peace and love - they were meant to be together. With that in mind, Michael Fortes brings together a mix of 20 songs with "peace" and...


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The Popdose Podcast: Episode 13

What happens when pop culture forces collide, and why do they almost always suck? Matt Wardlaw, Michael Parr, and Dave Lifton discuss it on...


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CD Review: Brian Wilson, “Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin”

The idea of a collaboration between two of America’s greatest composers is one that is intriguing, but also fraught with peril. The...


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Rob Smith Can’t Say No: Oranjuly

"Rob Smith Can't Say No" to the power-pop goodness of Boston's Oranjuly. Check it out at Popdose....


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Popdose Flashback ’90: Wilson Phillips, “Wilson Phillips”

I blame Mike Love. Yes, it’s so easy to blame the guy for everything wrong in music. I mean, he’s egotistical, gave money to...