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Album Review: Watter, “History of the Future”

Watter – a Louisville post-rock band that’s high in promise due to its parentage, if nothing else – simply fails to deliver on the...

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Album Review: Do Make Say Think, “Stubborn Persistent Illusions”

I’m now two weeks late in delivering my opening statements on Do Make Say Think’s Stubborn Persistent Illusions, out since May on...

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Popdose Profile: Rachel Grimes — Last Things Last

Rachel Grimes knew how to play the piano before she learned to walk. “My dad and grandmother played, so I was always sitting beside them...

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Album Review: Slint, “Spiderland” (Remastered)

Steve Albini once infamously offered up “ten fucking stars” in Melody Maker to the swansong LP of a then-unknown Louisville quartet...


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Popdose Flashback ’91: Slint, “Spiderland”

Popdose analyzes a seminal rock album, Slint's Spiderland, that 80% of the public doesn't even knows exist....