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Assessing Asia: The John Payne Years, Part One

Popdose takes a look at the oft-forgotten Asia albums with John Payne as singer....

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Dw. Dunphy On… When Yes Comes to Shove

This is why we can't have nice things....

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Asia/U.K./King Crimson Vocalist and Bassist John Wetton Passes Away From Cancer

Wetton fought a long battle with cancer....

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CD Review: Asia, “Gravitas”

The new album Gravitas features a sound closer to "classic" Asia....

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Popdose Flashback 1973: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, “Brain Salad Surgery”

Why is 1973's Brain Salad Surgery "none more prog"?...


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Live Music: Asia in Cleveland, Ohio, 8/13/10

The need for new material from Asia is a subject that on paper, is highly debatable in certain circles. But for those that have caught the...


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CD Review: Asia, “Omega”

Omega is Greek for that which is last, and although it’s a thought I wouldn’t have considered five years ago, that might be the...


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Bootleg City: 3 in New York City, April ’88

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! As the mayor of Bootleg City, it’s my responsibility to give you the best aural fireworks display...