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Album Review: Iron & Wine, “Beast Epic”

Much pomp and circumstance has been made about Sam Beam returning in 2017 to the form of his early years.  But while Iron &...

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The Popdose 100: The Greatest Protest Songs of All Time

Can a song change the world? Popular music has always been looked on as something of a disposable pleasure: reflective of its times, sure,...

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Sunday Funnies: Pablo – Mandatory Educational Programming

It's educational! It's informative! It's bull pucky!...

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Review: Jim O’Rourke – “Simple Songs”

Jim O’Rourke can resemble a complicated musical chameleon. Since the late 80s, he has blended a patchwork career in the avant-garde with...


bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums of the ’70s: Part Three

P-Funk. Uncut funk. The bomb. We can't have a best albums of the '70s list without 'em....


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CD Review: Voormann & Friends, “A Sideman’s Journey” (Win the Super Deluxe Version!)

After decades as a renowned sideman, Klaus Voormann has released his first solo album, featuring many of his famous friends. Win the Super...


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The Three Strike Rule: “The Chris Isaak Hour”

Usually, anytime a musical artist performs on a talk show, that marks the end of the program: Letterman, Leno or Conan stroll out to shake...


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Desert Island Discs: Dan Wilson and Hugo Burnham

Dan Wilson (Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, solo artist) Okay Darren, here are my picks! I’m sure if I thought about it more I’d...