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It’s refreshing to hear bands like Battlecross and now Legacy Of Disorder putting out metal albums with absolutely no gimmicks. They’re the kinds of albums that are pure thrash and all about the metal. On their latest, Last Man Standing

Devin Townsend definitely got the name right when brainstorming for his latest because “epic” and “loud” are definitely the best words to describe Epicloud. Yes, the hardest working man in metal and hard rock is back followi

Meshuggah better watch their collective backs because a whole new breed of technical metal is out to get them. The latest djent worshipers to spring up is the UK’s Monuments with their Century Media debut, Gnosis. Labelmates Stealing Axion (R

With Meshuggah coming up short on their latest outing, a new breed has come to capture the throne. Two of those bands, Stealing Axion and Monuments (More on them later), happen to be labelmates residing on Century Media. If you like