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5 Musicians Who Were Kicked In The Butt By Love

Here are five musicians who were kicked in the butt by love...or rather, three and one double-dipper....

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Reissue Review: Billy Joel, “A Matter of Trust: The Bridge to Russia”

When word leaked that 2014 would see an expanded edition of Kohuept, many Billy Joel fans were left scratching their heads. Originally...

Popdose Flashback

Music, Popdose Flashback

Popdose Flashback 1993: Billy Joel, “River of Dreams”

In 1993 Billy Joel made people feel awkward and sad. ...


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Bootleg City: Only the Good Die Young (The Rest Pray for Early Parole)

The incarcerated mayor of Bootleg City was deeply disappointed to hear that HarperCollins has canceled the publication of Billy Joel's...



Popdose’s Greatest Bits: Billy Joel

Some artists are world renowned for their hit songs, others may never have had a hit at all, but they’ve recorded music that has lasted...