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Batman v Superman fan mash-up via Comic Book Bros.

A bad feeling about ‘Batman v Superman’

When I saw the above fan mash-up (via Comic Book Bros) of the three character stills from the upcoming “Batman v Superman” movie, it really crystallized the nagging concern I have about the entire project: That these are some of the most depressing sourpusses ever to appear in an action blockbuster. I can’t imagine being stuck at a cocktail party with these three downers, much less pay to see them mope through an entire movie. As Frank Miller made clear with “The Dark Knight Returns” back in 1986 — and as Hollywood has relentlessly reminded us — Batman works as a “dark” hero. His parents were murdered in front of him, he dresses like the angel of death, he’s got “dark” in his nickname, etc. But do we really have to drag Superman and Wonder Woman down with him? These are supposed to be happy, arms-akimbo-in-the-sun kind of heroes, not getting-rained-on-in-muted-colors types. Granted, previous versions have occasionally gone a bit over the top in the patriotic goodness department, what with Superman’s stalwart, underpants-on-top reliability, as …


10 Movies…That Are Remakes of Classic Horror Films

Horror movies derive most of their power and enjoyment (you sicko) from a combination of novelty and surprise.The novelty: how the filmmakers will have this particular bad guy stalk and kill the good guys. The surprise: OHMYGODLOOKOUTBEHINDYOUDREWBARRYMORE! Nevertheless, because horror movies are eternally popular, Hollywood remakes the biggest ones, as they would any genre of film. However, horror movies also boast extremely devoted and defensive cult bases, so time will tell if this weekend’s Evil Dead reboot is as good as Sam Raimi’s original 1981 classic, despite Sam Raimi’s seal of approval and active involvement. Here then are 10 more notable horror remakes. Friday the 13th (2009) There was once a rumor that they were going to eventually make 13 Friday the 13th movies. But after sending camp drowning victim/supernatural hockey mask-wearing murderer Jason Vorhees to space, hell, and Freddy Krueger, the franchise ran out of steam at 11 movies. So in 2009 they rebooted the franchise by remaking the original 1980 film, set at the proven horror setting of a summer camp full of …

First Look: Henry Cavill as Superman in “Man of Steel”

Jeff Giles: Ladies and gentlemen, your new Superman. Dw. Dunphy: He’s all dark and stuff. Chris Holmes: Looks more like Bizarro to me. Ted Asregadoo: It’s like the they combined the Captain America and Batman/The Dark Knight costumes. Matt Springer: He’s not MY superman, Giles! Seriously, not high expectations here. Goyer and Nolan have earned serious cred/kwan with me, but Zach Snyder is ewwww. Jeff: Remember all the fanboy rage after your Sucker Punch editorial, Matt? You must feel pretty vindicated now. Matt: I always feel vindicated. It’s how I survive on the Internet. Scott Malchus: I’m with Matt. Chris Reeves is still my Superman. Jack Feerick: Dude, what does that even mean? Should they dig up Reeve and stuff his corpse into the fucking suit?

No Concessions: Fallen Stars

I got word that Natasha Richardson had died Wednesday evening. But the Internet had killed her off Tuesday afternoon. And that bothers me. Word came via an erroneous report on the Time Out New York website, which was retracted, though not before an onslaught of hits had crashed its server. I don’t blame the site for pursuing a lead that turned out to be false; if Natasha Richardson was a star anywhere, it was on the New York stage. But there’s something ghoulish about needing to be first with the “scoop,” when the scoop is a life-or-death matter—and whatever clarifying intentions the site had in posting the news, it could not but look as if it were angling to be out in front. The resulting misinformation led to a wave of aggravatingly dubious reports and falsehoods, perpetuated on online forums and the likes of Perez Hilton’s site and OK! magazine (which the diminished UPI used as an “informed” source), providing an infuriating underscore to Richardson’s actual demise a day later. In the horse-and-buggy era, you …