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Last week was an absolute disaster for the computer.  Although I wasn't as nervous about it as I usually am, the Eagles continued to suck, and Vegas continued to overvalue them (seriously, making them three point favorites against an undefeated team?  What the hell is

I do not like football.

I’ve tried to like it, I really have. I tried to like it when I was in elementary school and everyone I knew was going apeshit because the Bengals were in the Super Bowl. During the big game, at a party at my uncle’s house, I sat in the corner with a book and my Walkman while my family watched the Bengals lose. All I really got out of the whole thing was knowing about the Ickey Shuffle.

I tried to like it in high school, attending our school’s football games almost every Friday night. I would follow the action for about ten minutes before I got bored and started walking around the stadium, gossiping with my friends and trying to find out who was smoking and making out under the bleachers.

I tried to like it in college when I dated a guy who was a huge Bengals fan, but after watching two games I couldn’t even be bothered to pretend to care. And I tried again a few years ago when a guy I liked wanted me to watch college football with him. I even let him explain the game to me, though I knew what was going on. When I eventually realized he was more interested in watching football than hanging out with me, I was officially done — football gets no more chances from me. Is that fair? Maybe not.

I don’t dislike football because I’m some stereotypical woman who isn’t into sports, though. I actually like a lot of sports — just not this one. I’ve never found it entertaining, and it’s never held my interest. Come to think of it, I feel that way about a lot of team sports, though I do enjoy a hockey game now and then. Truth be told, a big reason why I don’t enjoy most team sports is the fans: a lot of them are obnoxious as hell and take all the fun out of it. But I digress.