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Rebirth of Gamblor: Week 9 NFL Picks

Last week was an absolute disaster for the computer.  Although I wasn’t as nervous about it as I usually am, the Eagles continued to suck, and Vegas continued to overvalue them (seriously, making them three point favorites against an undefeated team?  What the hell is up with that?).  And then, to make matters worse, the computer’s second-biggest bet was ruined by Dez Bryant’s instinct to put a hand down first.  Tough break.  All told, Gamblor’s weighted win percentage was just 7.1%, and Son of Gamblor’s was even worse at 2.6%.  Total losses for the week: $952. This week’s Game of Thrones representative is the Cincinnati Bengals as the Night’s Watch.  Both are composed primarily of criminals and outcasts, both reside in a frozen wasteland with nothing but savages to the north, and both are generally divorced from the power struggles that takes place throughout the rest of the kingdom/league. A hot week by Gamblor could get it back to the breakeven point this season – I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. Away Home Spread Gamblor’s …