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The Popdose Interview: Troma Entertainment’s Lloyd Kaufman

Originally intended to be the second part of Popdose's look at VHS videotape subculture, Troma Entertainment's co-founder Lloyd Kaufman had...

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Popdose Roundtable: Saving the Media in a Post-Fact World

What happens to the media in a “post-fact” era? Can we discern truth from propaganda? Has Russia simply hacked American journalism, in...


“The Big Get” And The Jon Stewart Loss

In an era where news needs to please political guests, the only current unchained commentator is heading for the door. Will his replacement...


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Sugar Water: Adieu, “Water” Lou

A nation mourned Wednesday night, as CNN’s Lou Dobbs, an outspoken critic of illegal immigration, announced his retirement from the...


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Bootleg City: James Brown, 11/27/87

We did it! More specifically and much less modestly, I did it — I won Tuesday’s election! My victory even got some coverage...


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Sugar Water: Celebrity Soapbox!

Bad news — my girlfriend, Aimiee, and I are still on that steamship we boarded in China two weeks ago. You know the phrase...