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Popdose Flashback 1983: Introducing The Compact Disc

We don't mean Certificate Of Deposit either....

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CD Review: Aerosmith, “Music From Another Dimension”

The CD you've hoped for? You're half right....

2012 Holiday Gift Guide, Holiday Gift Guides, Music

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: For Music Lovers

Box sets! Limited editions! Reunions! Oh my!...

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CD Review: Life in a Blender, “Homewrecker Spoon”

Popdose finally gets around to reviewing Life in a Blender's "Homewrecker Spoon" and regrets the delay....


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CD Review: Ron Anderson’s PAK, “Secret Curve”

Popdose.com takes a hard right and checks out the free jazz/prog-rock mutant Secret Curve from Ron Anderson's PAK....


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Dw. Dunphy On…The Last Days of the Dual

The record companies decided to fight the scourge of free music downloads with...twice-as-expensive discs. Let us explain....


50CCM50, Music, Popdose Giveaway

50CCM50 Giveaways: The Winners

As promised, here are the winners for our 50CCM50 giveaways! Rob Hire, from the Great White North, won the Peacock/Heard vinyls…...


Dw. Dunphy On..., Music

Dw. Dunphy On… Putting Them Away

Popdose's Dw. Dunphy fears becoming one of those old men that only like the music they like and nothing else....



2011 Outlook: Radiohead, “The King of Limbs”

News regarding Radiohead's The King of Limbs....


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The Popdose Interview: Gary “Dream Weaver” Wright

Gary Wright, The Dream Weaver, has two new EPs out, Waiting To Catch The Light, a set of new-age compositions, and The Light of a Million...


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Basement Songs: Peter Gabriel, “Excuse Me”

On Sunday mornings, I’d drag my ass out of bed and wander over to the cafeteria to replenish my fluids and put some food in my...


Letter From the Editor, Music

Letter from the Editor: Tuning Out the Static

I miss buying an album and lying on the floor for three days and going over it with a magnifying glass. I still go to the record store and...


Lost in the '80s, Music

Lost in the ’80s: Jules Shear, “Whispering Your Name”

I gave Jules a quick once-over a little over three years ago, so I think it’s high time I spotlighted another track of Shear beauty,...


Lost in the '80s, Music

Lost in the ’80s: The Wild Swans

This has been a week of happy endings for me, and I’m not referring to a trip to the massage parlor (this time). Y’see,...


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Sugar Water: How I Messed Up Everything for Everybody

Late last week it was reported that pop diva Mariah Carey had married actor Nick Cannon in a secret ceremony. Naturally, my first thought...