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Numberscruncher: The Long Tail and The Big Head

The shift to electronic media not only means that fewer CDs and paperbacks will end up in thrift shops, but it also means that we can...


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DVD Review: “Angels & Demons”

Someone at Columbia Pictures has it in for us. Besides the demolition derby of 2012 the studio also recently released the end-of-the-Earth...


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How Bad Can It Be?: Noetic Science Goes to the Movies

What is noetic science, why is everyone talking about it, and how does it relate to some of the most obnoxious new age hooey to separate...


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How Bad Can It Be?: Dan Brown, “The Lost Symbol”

Dan Brown is the best-selling author in history, and has millions of fans. If you are one of them, do yourself a favor; don’t read...


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Sugar Water: Off the Record, I’m a Liar

When things are said off the record in the world of politics, they should stay off the record. Unless I need something to write about, of...