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While we continue to await news of Joel Hodgson’s long-teased reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Shout! Factory continues to do us MSTies right with its latest four-disk reissue. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXXIII features giant spiders, two helpings of antisocial teenagers and a cardigan-wearing spy with a streak of grey in his hair, and Popdose MSTies Tony Redman and Dan Wiencek are on hand, as ever, to give you the scoop. Daddy-O (Episode #307) Tony: The first movie in this set is season 3’s Daddy-O. “(Old) teenagers on the wrong side of the law” was a popular genre for the show, and this is one of their best, from the vocal stylings of Dick Contino to the gutsy young woman willing to match him toe to toe, (“Want some?”), to the great jazz score by John Williams. The movie is preceded by the wonderfully random short Alphabet Antics.  Host segments include the catchy “Hike your Pants Up” song, in honor of Contino’s almost impossibly high waistline. Also notable this episode was the ending, where the button to …


Blu-Ray Review: “Escape From New York, Collector’s Edition”

From the mid-70s to the late 80s, John Carpenter was an industry unto himself, variously writing, directing, producing, scoring and/or appearing in a string of well-executed genre entertainments that relied on atmosphere and colorful performances to make up for what they lacked in budget. Released in 1981, at roughly the height of its director’s most fertile period, Escape from New York is probably Carpenter’s most enduring work after Halloween. But whereas the singular effectiveness of that film has been repeatedly diminished by countless imitators and its own dreary sequels, Escape (despite its own inferior sequel) remains as simple and engrossing as it was 34 years ago. Its premise is pure Carpenter, all high stakes and no bullshit: New York City has been converted into a prison. The President of the United States is trapped inside. He has a cassette tape that’s vitally important for world peace, for some damn reason or other. And only one man can rescue him, recover the tape, and save the world. Enter our hero, Snake Plissken. Snake is a rare …

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TV on DVD: “Mystery Science Theater 3000, Volume XXXII”

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XXXII, available March 24, comes to us without a theme or anniversary tie-in — just another slate of four pretty-funny-to-outright-hilarious outings with Joel, Mike, Crow and Tom Servo, ranging from forgotten ’70s TV pilots to an actual, bona fide Academy Award winner. Without further ado, Popdose MSTies Tony Redman and Dan Wiencek give you Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XXXII!

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The Popdose 100: The Greatest Love Songs of All Time

Much like our 100 Greatest Covers post last year, this was a collaborative effort for the Popdose staff.  Although our list of nominees was a bit smaller – only 300 songs – the voting was every bit as competitive, with our #7 and #8 songs being separated by just one tenth of a point.  As a collective, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, whether you’re a member of a Bizarre Love Triangle, a pair of Two Hearts, or even if you’re a member of the Lonely Hearts Club.  Love to all. — Zack Dennis If you’re listening on Spotify, you can find a link to versions of all of the songs here. 100. “You Belong to Me” – Bob Dylan. Of all the things that can cause friction in a relationship, physical distance can be one of the hardest to endure. It softens a couple’s strengths, and makes every single problem – even the smallest ones – harder to address. Without a definitive end in sight, very few long-distance relationships survive. And yet, almost …