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In Memoriam: Chris Cornell (1964-2017)

Shock abounds as fans learn of the singer's passing....

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Blu-ray Review: “Skyfall”

Bond is back with a vengeance....


The Singles Bar: Adele, “Skyfall”

Man, what can’t Adele do? 2011 saw the British soulstress release her sophomore album, 21, winning six Grammys, spending 79...

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New Trailer: “Skyfall”

Bond. James Bond. Plus: Blu-ray Box Set Bond...


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Theatre Is Easy: Celebs on Broadway, 2009-2010

It’s no surprise that Broadway producers like to cast celebrities in their shows. If your show, let’s say, is a dramatic...


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DVD Review: “Quantum of Solace”

Quantum of Solace (2009, MGM/Fox) purchase this film from Amazon: DVD | Blu-ray Reboots and remakes have been all the rage in Hollywood for...


No Concessions

No Concessions: A Life in Bond-age

This is not a review of Quantum of Solace, the 22nd James Bond picture. There was a screening Wednesday night, but I had to put my Walther...