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Dw. Dunphy On… The Bushido Truth of “The Last Jedi”

Rian Johnson gave fans more than another seething fighter with a war boner and a snazzy costume....

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Dw. Dunphy On… What Do We Do With Non-Canonical Media?

This is not your grandfather's Superman...but is that Superman at all anymore?...

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Popdose Flashback 1983: “Return of the Jedi”

Laser blasts don't leave no blood behind....

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Preventing The Pandora Matrix

All James Cameron sees in his future is Pandora. We see him falling down the rabbit hole....

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Prometheus: Why Being Left In The Dark Is A Good Thing

Even if it doesn't save summer, Ridley Scott's latest has brought back responsible marketing....


George Lucas Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

Will a new round of unwelcome, unnecessary changes come with the Star Wars Blu-rays? Of course it will....


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Soundtrack Saturday: “The Last Starfighter”

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a farm boy named Luke Skywalker had dreams of leaving his planet and doing something great with...


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DVD Review: “Max Payne”

For the benefit of those who haven’t seen Max Payne yet, but are considering renting the DVD, I’m going to spoil as much of it...